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My Your Packfinder™ Report

Career Fit assessment for:

John Brown

What to Seek & Avoid in your Career Path

Career Path Characteristics

What to Seek

  • Look for projects and career paths that provide you with the opportunity to use your own initiative. Situations that allow you to plan and execute your own activity and manage your own career are best for you. A management system that facilitates and provides coaching would suit you.

  • Seek career situations that take advantage of your technical knowledge and provide you with the opportunity to be creative. Be sure that any technical environment will provide training and technical specialists to deal with issues beyond your level of expertise.

  • Look for a team environment that is focused on delivering quality products and services. You will enjoy the feeling of being a productive member of a team.

  • You should look for an environment where there is regular contact with clients, users and your peer group as well as the opportunity to work independently.

  • Seek a career that has a heavy emphasis on social value and provides you with opportunities to provide a meaningful product or service. Seek a stable part of the company which provides interesting challenges, recognition of your achievements, financial stability and a solid future.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid career situations with very 'hands-on' types of management or those that are overly structured. Avoid situations where you cannot plan your own activities.

  • Avoid careers where your role would focus exclusively on highly technical issues or the development of very complex products and systems. Avoid roles that do not provide any variety or opportunity for creativity.

  • Avoid career paths that do not provide guidelines or do not allow you to work as part of a team. Avoid highly unstructured career paths that require you to create your own systems and structure.

  • Avoid situations that do not provide opportunities to interact with others on a regular basis. Avoid career paths that are strictly public relations or image building.

  • Avoid career paths that do not focus on people and service. You feel good about treating other people well and will be most comfortable in a career that provides a sense of social value. Avoid highly intense 'bottom-line' driven situations.

The Summary of scores

My Professional Profile

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